Brasa team

Brasa Team Holland (previously known as Jiu Jitsu Factory Brabant) offers classes in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Grappling. Brasa Team Holland is part of the international team Brasa, with its headquarters based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Brasa Team Holland is being supported by FELIPE COSTA, a three-time world champion.

We offer you the possibility of self-defense training through the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling in both recreational and competitive settings. As a team, we participate regularly in national as well as international competitions throughout the year. Our classes aim to improve your overall health and conditioning, and enable you to defend yourself if a physical confrontation should arise.

Our team identifies itself through our degree of approachability, respect shown toward teammates and team spirit! Have you been playing around with the idea of trying out the sport of BJJ or grappling, but don’t know if you are physically up for it (weight, flexibility or strength issues)? Then you need not hesitate further, because you’ve found the right team! Aside from improving our BJJ and grappling techniques we also highly regard motivating each other personally.

In short, Brasa Team Holland offers a complete BJJ and grappling program, which can satisfy a broad audience of people who would like to learn to defend themselves, improve their conditioning or become actively competitive on a national or international level.

If this introduction has piqued your interest do not hesitate to contact us for a trial class.
Best regards,

Zohair Abouchoaib
Headinstructor Brasa Team Holland